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How To Play Sic Bo Live Casino Game

Learn how to play Sic Bo Live Casino Game with payout and bet type. Read our review on Sic Bo and get promotions available here. Sic Bo is also known as tai sai, dai siu, big and small, or hi-lo, traces its roots back to ancient China.

The name Sic Bo itself means “precious dice” or “dice pair.” Originally, it was introduced as a carnival game in the United States in the early 20th century.

However, it has since gained immense popularity and recognition, particularly in the bustling casino markets of Macau.

Sic Bo is not confined to Macau alone; it’s played in various countries, including the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Sic Bo Gameplay

The gameplay of Sic Bo unfolds in a few simple steps:

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  1. Placing Bets: As a new game begins, a timer counts down, allowing players to place their bets. You can choose from a variety of betting options and use chips to stake your predictions.

  2. Dice Roll: Once the betting time expires, the banker initiates the dice roll, which is executed automatically by the machine.

  3. Determining Results: After the dice have settled, the banker records the points based on the values displayed on the three dice. The screen illuminates, making it easy to identify winning bets and calculate payout odds.

  4. Void Rounds: In the rare event that the dice rest on the rim of the dice cup or overlap in such a way that the reading of the dice points is obstructed, the affected round is declared void. All wagers are refunded, and a new round commences.

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Types of Bets in Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, you’ll find a variety of bet types that add depth and excitement to the game. These include:

  • Big/Small: You can bet on whether the total points of the dice will be in the range of 4 to 10 (Small) or 11 to 17 (Big). Note that if any triple comes up, all bets in this category are lost.

  • Specific Triples: Here, you bet on all three dice showing the same specific number, like three 6s. The odds for this bet are enticing at 180 to 1.

  • Any Triple: This bet covers all six possible triplets simultaneously, offering a chance to win at odds of 30 to 1.

  • One of a Kind: You can bet on a specific number appearing on one, two, or all three dice, with varying odds depending on your choice.

  • Specific Double: This bet involves predicting a specific pair of dice, offering odds of 10 to 1.

  • Two Dice Combination: Betting on a particular combination of two dice is another option, with odds set at 5 to 1.

  • Sum of Points: You can wager on the total points of the three dice, with varying odds depending on the total.

  • Odd/Even: This category allows you to predict whether the total points will be odd or even, each with a 1 to 1 payout.


Where to Play Sic Bo

We recommend you to play Sic Bo at Phbet Casino. For an unparalleled Sic Bo experience, we recommend trying your luck at Phbet Casino. This renowned establishment offers a wide range of Sic Bo tables, creating the perfect environment for enthusiasts to enjoy this ancient Chinese game.

With a rich history and a commitment to fair play, Phbet Casino is a top choice for gamblers seeking an authentic Sic Bo experience.

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Sic Bo is a captivating casino game that has transcended time and borders. Its origins in ancient China, combined with its exciting gameplay and numerous betting options, make it a favorite among gamblers worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, Sic Bo offers a thrilling and rewarding experience. So, why wait? Head to Phbet Casino and embark on your Sic Bo adventure today. May the dice roll in your favor!

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Sic Bo Live Casino Game is a popular dice game that originated in ancient China and has gained recognition in the world of casinos.

The name “Sic Bo” translates to “precious dice” or “dice pair.”

Sic Bo was originally introduced as a carnival game in the United States in the early 20th century.

Sic Bo gained immense popularity in the bustling casino markets of Macau.

Sic Bo is played in various countries, including the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The gameplay of Sic Bo involves placing bets, rolling dice, determining results based on the dice values, and handling void rounds if necessary.

Sic Bo offers various bet types, including Big/Small, Specific Triples, Any Triple, One of a Kind, Specific Double, Two Dice Combination, Sum of Points, and Odd/Even.

It is recommended to play Sic Bo at Phbet Casino for an unparalleled and authentic Sic Bo experience.

Phbet Casino is known for its rich history, commitment to fair play, and a wide range of Sic Bo tables, making it a top choice for Sic Bo enthusiasts.

Sic Bo’s origins in ancient China, exciting gameplay, and numerous betting options make it a captivating casino game enjoyed by gamblers worldwide.

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