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How to Play Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game

Discover the basic rules, card values and payoff for playing the Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game. Check out our review and explore the promotions on Phbet now.

In the realm of online poker casinos, Live Dragon Tiger Game stands out as a dynamic variant played with eight decks.

This intriguing game showcases an Ace as its humble beginning, with the King ranking at 13, followed by Queen at 12, and so forth.

Before the cards are even dealt, players are presented with an array of betting options, contingent upon the game supplier’s offerings.

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Understanding Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a poker casino game and a close relative of Baccarat, emerges as one of the most straightforward yet exhilarating live casino games. The essence lies in the two hands dealt—the Dragons hand and the Tigers hand.

Players place their wagers on which will amass the higher total points: the Tiger’s hand or the Dragon’s hand. The game’s objective is for the banker to draw a card for the dragon and the tiger, setting the stage for a fierce point-based competition.

Much like all live casino experiences, you have the liberty to choose your battleground. Furthermore, the diverse selection of software providers offers unique twists to the gameplay, creating a distinctive experience with each.

The Rules and Method of Dragon Tiger 

  • It unfolds with the deployment of eight decks.
  • Bets can be placed on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and beyond.
  • At the commencement of every game, one card is ceremoniously burned.
  • The banker deftly deals two cards, first to the Dragon, then to the Tiger, with the side boasting the higher total emerging victorious.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger typically employs 8 decks, and these decks undergo shuffling when only one remains. An Ace holds the lowest value, while a King reigns at 13, and Queen at 12, and so on.

Prior to any card dissemination, players have the opportunity to make various bets. It’s worth noting that this availability hinges on the specific game supplier, as not all extend these options.

  1. Dragon or Tiger: Predict which hand will yield a higher card.
  2. A Tie: Speculate if the cards will bear identical values.
  3. Dragon or Tiger Big: Anticipate if the card will be above 7, with a seven leading to a loss for the player.
  4. Dragon or Tiger Small: Forecast if the card will be below 7, with a seven resulting in a loss for the player.
  5. Dragon or Tiger Suit: Determine whether the card will belong to the Heart/Diamond/Spade or Club category. A seven leads to a loss for the player.
  6. In the event of a tie when you’ve bet on Dragon/Tiger, 50% of your bet is reimbursed, while the remainder is allocated as commission.

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Pay Off Odds
Bet Dragon wins Payoff goes by 1:1. If the value of two cards is equal, you lose half of your bet.
Bet Tiger wins Payoff goes by 1:1. If the value of two cards is equal, you lose half of your bet.
Bet on tie Payoff goes by 1:8
Dragon Odd Payoff goes by 1:0.75
Dragon Even Payoff goes by 1:1.05
Tiger Odd Payoff goes by 1:0.75
Tiger Even Payoff goes by 1:1.05
Dragon Red Payoff goes by 1:0.9
Dragon Black Payoff goes by 1:0.9
Tiger Red Payoff goes by 1:0.9
Tiger Black Payoff goes by 1:0.9

Mastering Dragon Tiger Rules

Dragon Tiger’s rules are refreshingly uncomplicated, setting it apart as one of the easiest card games in the casino repertoire. Mastery of the fundamentals can be achieved within minutes, a testament to the game’s inherent simplicity.

Unlike counterparts like roulette, which can introduce complexity with inside and outside bets, corners, and baskets, Dragon Tiger maintains an elegant simplicity. Two entities, the Dragon and the Tiger, are the focal points.

They stand as surrogates for player and dealer, offering players the freedom to bet on their preferred contender. Betting on the entity that receives the higher card—be it Dragon or Tiger—is the sole objective, with Aces designated as low.

With seven or eight betting options in tow, the mainstays are Dragon and Tiger. Additionally, players can engage with ‘Big’ (8 to King) or ‘Small’ (Ace to 7) for either Dragon or Tiger.

The ‘Tie’ bet, often carrying odds ranging from 8/1 to 11/1, grants victory if both Dragon and Tiger hold cards of equal value, regardless of suit. Some casinos sweeten the deal with a ‘Suited Tie’, where both value and suit must align for victory.

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Where to Play Dragon Tiger

We recommend you to play Dragon Tiger at Phbet Casino. Phbet Casino sweetens the deal with generous bonuses and promotions, providing you with additional playing funds to enhance your Dragon Tiger experience.

Should you ever require assistance, the customer support team at Phbet Casino is available 24/7, ready to address any queries or concerns. In essence, Phbet Casino stands as a premier destination for Dragon Tiger enthusiasts, offering a blend of game variety, top-tier security, user-friendliness, enticing bonuses, and reliable customer support for an unparalleled gaming adventure. 


In the dynamic realm of Live Dragon Tiger Game, simplicity intertwines with excitement, offering players a riveting casino experience. With straightforward rules and an array of betting options, Dragon Tiger stands as a beacon of accessible entertainment.

For an unparalleled gaming experience, set your sights on Phbet Casino, a distinguished platform that epitomizes excellence in the world of Dragon Tiger.

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Dragon Tiger is a dynamic variant of a live casino game played with eight decks, similar to poker, where players bet on the outcome of two hands, the Dragon’s hand and the Tiger’s hand.

At the start of each game, one card is ceremoniously burned, and then the banker deals two cards: one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The hand with the higher total points wins.

The game uses eight decks, and players can place bets on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or other outcomes. The objective is to predict which hand will have a higher card total.

Players can bet on Dragon or Tiger, a Tie, Dragon/Tiger Big, Dragon/Tiger Small, or Dragon/Tiger Suit. The available bets may vary depending on the game supplier.

If you bet on Dragon or Tiger, and the game results in a tie, 50% of your bet is refunded, while the other 50% is allocated as commission.

The odds and payoffs for Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and other bets in Dragon Tiger vary, such as 1:1 for Dragon/Tiger wins and 1:8 for a Tie.

Dragon Tiger is known for its simplicity. Unlike games like roulette, it maintains an elegant simplicity with only two entities to bet on – Dragon and Tiger.

You can play Dragon Tiger online at Phbet Casino, which offers generous bonuses, promotions, 24/7 customer support, and a variety of game options.

Phbet Casino offers a blend of game variety, top-tier security, user-friendliness, enticing bonuses, and reliable customer support, making it a premier destination for Dragon Tiger enthusiasts.

Phbet Casino provides an unparalleled gaming experience by combining simplicity and excitement, making Dragon Tiger a riveting casino game with a wide range of betting options.

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