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How To Play Baccarat Live Casino Game

Learn how to play Baccarat Live Casino Game, including detailed rule explanations and payoff. Explore our Baccarat review and claim the promotions awaiting you.

Baccarat is a game exclusively enjoyed by royalty, has now found its way into the hearts of players worldwide through online casinos.

Known for its simple rules and favorable odds, baccarat is an ideal casino table game for both newcomers and seasoned gamblers.

In this comprehensive guide, we will teach you how to play baccarat like a pro, covering various aspects of the game, including baccarat bets, rules, and strategies.

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Types of Baccarat Bets

There are 3 features in Baccarat, included Player, Banker and Tie. Let’s start exploring by checking out each of them below!

Player’s Hand

When you place a Player Bet, your objective is for the Player’s Hand to have a higher total than the Banker’s Hand. A winning Player Bet pays out even money, with no commission involved. For example, a $10 bet results in a $10 win.

Banker’s Hand

Conversely, a Banker Bet hinges on the Banker’s Hand outperforming the Player’s Hand. Winning Banker Bets pay at a 1:1 ratio but are subject to a 5% commission. For instance, a $105 wager yields $100 in winnings, typically marked as .95:1 on the game layout.


The Tie bet is a wager that both the Player’s Hand and Banker’s Hand will end in a tie. Betting on a Tie offers a lucrative payout of 8-1. A $20 bet, for instance, would result in $160 in winnings. Different variations of the game may offer 9:1 and 7:1 options for Tie bets.

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Rules of Baccarat

A baccarat game can involve multiple bettors, but the essence of the gameplay revolves around one player and the dealer. Each receives a hand consisting of two cards, with the goal of achieving the hand closest to nine.

To win real money in online baccarat, participants must bet on one of three potential outcomes: the player winning, the dealer winning, or a tie. The dealer manages most aspects of the game, allowing players to concentrate on their baccarat strategy.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to play baccarat in both land-based and online casinos:

1. Betting Phase

  • The dealer instructs all players to place their bets on the baccarat table.
  • Players wager on whether the dealer or player will have the hand closest to nine, or if a tie will occur. Once chips are placed, they remain fixed.

2. Dealing Phase

  • After bets are made, the dealer deals two cards—one to the player and one to themselves.

3. Betting Continues

  • Following the initial deal, the player makes their bet, predicting whether their hand or the dealer’s will be closer to nine or result in a tie.

4. Hand Reveal

  • If either hand totals eight or nine, it’s considered a ‘natural’ and declared the winner.

5. Potential Third Card

  • If neither hand reaches eight or nine, players may draw a third card under certain conditions.

6. Player’s Third Card

  • If the player’s initial hand is less than six, they may draw a third card. A total of six or seven prohibits additional draws.

7. Dealer’s Third Card

  • The dealer can draw a third card if their hand’s total is less than six when the player stands.

8. Dealer’s Actions with Third Card

  • The dealer’s response to the player’s third card varies based on the card’s value.

    1. If the player draws a two or three, the dealer draws with 0-4 and stands with 5-7.
    2. If the player draws a four or five, the dealer draws with 0-5 and stands with 6-7.
    3. If the player draws a six or seven, the dealer draws with 0-6 and stands with 7.
    4. If the player draws an eight, the dealer draws with 0-2 and stands with 3-7.
    5. If the player draws an ace, 9, 10, or a face card, the dealer draws with 0-3 and stands with 4-7.

9. Determining the Winner

  • The dealer announces the winner and pays out accordingly. Bets on either the banker or player winning pay at 1:1, with banker bets incurring a 5% commission. Tie bets pay out at 8:1.


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Payouts of Baccarat

One of baccarat’s attractions is the simplicity of its bets, which offer a lower house edge compared to many other casino games. Here are the three common bets in baccarat:

Outcome: The banker’s hand is closest to nine.
Payout: 9:20 (considering the 5% commission)
Odds of Winning (including tie bets): 45.87%

Outcome: The player’s hand is closest to nine.
Payout: Even money (1:1)
Odds of Winning (including tie bets): 44.63%

Outcome: The banker and player have the same card value.
Payout: 8:1
Odds of Winning (including tie bets): 9.51%

Notably, the banker bet boasts a lower house edge and a higher likelihood of winning than the player bet, despite the 5% commission. Tie bets are less favorable due to their less than 10% chance of winning and a substantial 14.36% house edge.

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Side Bets in Baccarat

In addition to the standard bets, baccarat offers various side bets, each with its own unique payouts and odds.

Casinos may introduce custom side bets, but players should always consider the associated house edge and potential rewards. Here are some common side bets:

Player Pair

Outcome: The player’s initial two cards form a pair.
Payout: 11:1

Banker Pair

Outcome: The banker’s initial two cards create a pair.
Payout: 11:1

Perfect Pair

Outcome: The first two cards dealt to either the banker or player are identical (e.g., two queen of hearts).
Payout: 11:1

Either Pair

Outcome: The first two cards dealt to either the banker or the player form a pair.
Payout: 5:1


Outcome: The game involves a total of four cards.
Payout: 1.5:1


Outcome: The game includes a total of five or six cards.
Payout: 0.54:1

Super Six

Outcome: The winning banker’s hand totals six.
Payout: 12:1

Where to Play Baccarat

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In conclusion, baccarat is a captivating casino game known for its simplicity and favorable odds. By understanding the different types of bets, following the rules, and considering side bets, you can enhance your baccarat gameplay.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced player, baccarat offers an exciting opportunity to test your luck and strategy. Remember to choose a reputable casino like Phbet Casino for an enjoyable baccarat experience. Good luck and may the cards be in your favor!

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Baccarat Live Casino Game is a popular card game that has made its way into online casinos, known for its simplicity and favorable odds.

Baccarat is a game suitable for both newcomers and seasoned gamblers due to its simple rules and easy-to-understand gameplay.

There are three types of Baccarat bets: Player’s Hand, Banker’s Hand, and Tie. Each offers different payouts and conditions.

A Player Bet wins when the Player’s Hand has a higher total than the Banker’s Hand, and it pays out even money with no commission.

A Banker Bet wins when the Banker’s Hand outperforms the Player’s Hand, paying at a 1:1 ratio but subject to a 5% commission.

The Tie bet is a wager that both the Player’s Hand and Banker’s Hand will end in a tie, offering a lucrative payout of 8-1.

Baccarat involves betting on one of three outcomes: player winning, dealer winning, or a tie. The goal is to have a hand closest to nine.

The game involves betting, dealing two cards to the player and dealer, additional card drawing under certain conditions, and determining the winner based on hand values.

Baccarat offers different payouts for Player, Banker, and Tie bets, with varying odds and house edges.

You can enjoy Baccarat online at reputable casinos like Phbet Casino, which offers a diverse selection of gaming options for players of all backgrounds.

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