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Dragon Fishing II Review & Free Demo

JDB Dragon Fishing II Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JDB Dragon Fishing II demo game to discover how to win at Phbet.

Dragon Fishing II introduces an enticing fusion of skill and exhilaration, inviting players into a captivating underwater odyssey. Set in a domain where the revered dragon king ascends, the game tempts players to harness lightning, expose weaknesses, and unearth invaluable treasures.

With its dynamic gameplay mechanisms and an array of potent weapons, Dragon Fishing II promises an exciting expedition filled with strategic complexities and rewarding hurdles.

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Free Demo: Dragon Fishing II

How to Play Dragon Fishing II


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To play Dragon Fishing II, you should Mastering Gameplay Mechanics, Placing Bets and Grasping Paylines, Choosing Gaming Rooms. Follow our guide below to learn how to play Dragon Fishing II!

1.Mastering Gameplay Mechanics

  • Auto Shoot Feature (Target Control):
    Dragon Fishing II introduces an intuitive auto-shoot function, streamlining gameplay through automated targeting. This simplified shooting mechanism allows players to focus on strategy and precision.
  • Weapon Selection:
    Players have a range of weapons to choose from, each differing in power and effectiveness. The Dragon Bazooka series, spanning three tiers, offers unique advantages at every level.
  • Customizing Bets:
    Dragon Fishing II allows flexible adjustments to bets, catering to diverse player preferences. With cannon levels such as 1, 2, and 3, players can tailor their bets to match their risk appetite and strategic inclinations.

2.Placing Bets and Grasping Paylines

  • Playing Dragon Fishing II involves strategic bet placements while considering the game’s paylines. Understanding the correlation between bets and paylines is pivotal for optimizing gameplay.
  • Players can explore various betting strategies aligned with their gaming style and risk tolerance to make informed decisions that could potentially yield higher rewards.

3.Choosing Gaming Rooms

  • Dragon Fishing II offers a versatile gaming environment with multiple room choices to suit different skill levels and player preferences.
  • The game provides two membership types and three room options, accommodating players with varying abilities. Whether opting for the beginner or expert area, each room presents a unique experience with tailored challenges and betting ranges suited to player proficiency.

This section delves into the nuanced mechanics of Dragon Fishing II, highlighting the importance of comprehending the game’s dynamics, betting options, and room selections to ensure an immersive gaming experience tailored to players’ preferences and skill levels.

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Game Features of Dragon Fishing II

There are multiple game features in Dragon Fishing II, included Enhanced Shell Power and Quantity, Varied Gaming Environment, Flexible Membership and Room Choices and so on. Let’s start exploring by checking out each of them below!

1.Enhanced Shell Power and Quantity

  • Dragon Fishing II introduces an innovative enhancement that amplifies both the number and potency of shells, a standout attribute of the game.
  • This augmentation significantly elevates the dynamics of gameplay, empowering players with augmented firepower to target and ensnare a diverse spectrum of aquatic creatures within the underwater domain.
  • Notably, employing a level 3 cannon elevates this capability, revealing an impressive 12x reward multiplier. This prompts strategic choices of weaponry to optimize gains.

2.Varied Gaming Environment

  • Dragon Fishing II showcases a diverse gaming environment teeming with captivating elements, offering an assortment of formidable armaments for players’ fishing pursuits.
  • Featuring 20 unique fish species, each with odds ranging up to 300, the game ensures a captivating experience. Moreover, its support for online multiplayer accommodating up to four players enriches social interactions among participants.

3.Flexible Membership and Room Choices

  • Players have the option to select from two distinct membership types, tailored to specific preferences and gaming styles. Additionally, the game presents three distinctive room options, catering to players of varying skill levels.
  • The availability of beginner and expert areas, each configured with customized shooting ranges per bullet, enables players to immerse themselves comfortably based on their proficiency, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience.

4.Dragon Bazooka Arsenal

  • The Dragon Bazooka series stands out as a defining feature within Dragon Fishing II, furnishing players with an array of potent weaponry.
  • These bazookas, classified into three tiers, offer diverse basic multipliers and bonus free bullets. Additionally, attaining hits with a 5x basic multiplier unlocks access to the Mega Drill, providing an opportunity to capture fish along a trail and earn random bet points between 10-20x, heightening the thrill of the gameplay experience.

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Tips to secure big win at Dragon Fishing II

You can follow our simple 5 tips below to secure big win at Dragon Fishing II, included Optimal Weapon Selection, Understanding Shell Enhancement, Mastery of Payline Strategies and so on.

1.Optimal Weapon Selection

  • Considering the Dragon Bazooka arsenal detailed earlier, carefully choose your cannon. Capitalize on the advantages of higher-tier bazookas, particularly level 3, to maximize potential rewards by utilizing their potency and extra bullet benefits.

2.Understanding Shell Enhancement

  • Expanding on the previously discussed fortified shell capabilities, strategically target fish clusters. Utilize the increased shell quantity to ensnare multiple fish in a single shot, elevating your chances of securing more substantial payouts.

3.Mastery of Payline Strategies

  • Delve into the Paylines section in the “How to play Dragon Fishing II Game” and meticulously align your bets with the game’s paylines. Continually experiment with various betting tactics to discover the most effective approach that aligns with your unique playstyle.

4.Room Selection Tactics

  • As highlighted in the game’s features, make shrewd decisions when choosing your gaming room. The beginner area offers lower-risk betting ranges, suitable for practice or cautious gameplay. Conversely, the expert zone caters to seasoned players seeking higher stakes and greater rewards.

5.Collaborative Gameplay

  • In multiplayer mode, coordinate efforts with your teammates. Effective communication and collaboration significantly boost targeting efficiency and the capture of high-value fish, ultimately amplifying the collective winnings for the entire team.

Where to Play Dragon Fishing II

We recommend you to play Dragons Fishing  II at Phbet Casino. PHBet Casino guarantees a seamless and delightful gaming journey with its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art technology.

Delight in the top-notch graphics and dynamic gameplay of Dragon Fishing II while exploring the secrets of the ocean. As a reliable platform, PHBet Casino offers a secure and enjoyable environment, allowing players to immerse themselves in the excitement of this underwater escapade.


Ultimately, Dragon Fishing II stands as a thrilling testament to the fusion of skill and strategy in online gaming. Its captivating elements, ranging from dragon bonuses to weapon expertise, draw players into a world where challenges and rewards lurk in the depths.

Exploring diverse game rooms and seizing chances offered by dragon inspections and the Golden Anglerfish, players embark on an unforgettable underwater journey.

In the ever-shifting tides of fortune, Dragon Fishing II invites enthusiasts to hone their mastery of the ocean, ensuring an exhilarating adventure with every cast and capture.

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Dragon Fishing II is a fish shooting game by JILI that immerses players in an exciting underwater journey. It combines skill and excitement by inviting players to explore an underwater world and engage in thrilling adventures.

The game introduces an auto-shoot function, diverse weapon choices, and customizable betting options. These elements streamline gameplay, offering players the chance to focus on strategy and precision.

The game allows flexible adjustments to bets, accommodating different player preferences. Understanding the correlation between bets and paylines is crucial for optimizing gameplay and potentially increasing rewards.

Dragon Fishing II offers multiple room choices tailored to different skill levels and player preferences. It provides beginner and expert areas, each presenting unique challenges and suitable betting ranges for player proficiency.

The game boasts enhanced shell power and quantity, a diverse gaming environment with various fish species, and flexible membership and room choices that cater to different player capabilities.

Strategic weapon selection, understanding shell enhancements, mastering payline strategies, choosing appropriate gaming rooms, and engaging in cooperative multiplayer gameplay are key tactics for maximizing winnings.

PHBet Casino is recommended for an enjoyable gaming experience with Dragon Fishing II. Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, it offers a secure environment for players to explore the game.

Weapon selection and shell enhancement play a crucial role in the game, empowering players with increased firepower and strategic advantages to capture a diverse array of fish, maximizing potential gains.

In multiplayer mode, coordination and teamwork significantly enhance targeting efficiency and the capture of high-value fish, ultimately amplifying collective winnings for the entire team.

Dragon Fishing II stands out by offering a compelling blend of skill, strategy, and immersive gameplay, beckoning players into a world where challenges and rewards intertwine in an underwater adventure.

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