All-Star Fishing Review & Free Demo

JILI All-Star Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI All-Star Fishing how to win at Phbet Casino.

From the precision of auto-shooting to the strategic selection of special weapons like the Shark Bite and the Jellyfish Cannon, every aspect of All-Star Fishing is designed to immerse players in a world where every catch brings the promise of discovery and bounty. 

Join us as we navigate the game’s intricate mechanics, unveil its diverse features, and share winning strategies, ensuring your journey through All-Star Fishing is as exhilarating as the ocean itself. Cast your line and let the adventure begin!

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Free Demo: All-Star Fishing

How to Play All-Star Fishing



To play All-Star Fishing, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and selecting the game room. Follow our guide below to learn how to play All-Star Fishing!

Understanding the Game Mechanics

In the thrilling realm of All-Star Fishing, mastering the game mechanics is the key to reeling in those big wins. The intricacies of the game unfold through various controls and strategies, enhancing your chances of success.

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

One fundamental aspect is the auto-shoot feature, streamlining your experience as you aim for victory. The game intelligently targets, allowing you to focus on the excitement rather than the technicalities. It ensures precision in shooting, making every shot count in your pursuit of underwater treasures.

Choose Your Weapon

Dive into the arsenal of All-Star Fishing with an array of special weapons at your disposal. From the Shark Bite to the Jellyfish Cannon and the mighty Eagle Claw Hook, each weapon comes with its unique advantages. Pay attention to the distinct abilities of each tool, as they can significantly impact your success in capturing prized fish.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Now that you grasp the mechanics, it’s time to navigate the waters of bets and paylines in All-Star Fishing.

Selecting the Game Room

Before you cast your first shot, choosing the right game room sets the stage for your adventure. All-Star Fishing offers different rooms with varying betting ranges:


Newbie Room

In the Newbie Room, bets range from 0.1 to 10. It’s the suggested starting point for beginners looking to test the waters and refine their skills.

Happy Room

For a more spirited experience, the Happy Room welcomes bets from 0.1 to 50, making it the most popular choice among players seeking excitement and rewards.

Regal Room

If you’re a high roller aiming for substantial rewards, the Regal Room is your domain. Bets here range from 1 to 100, promising a royal experience for those seeking elevated stakes.

With your bets in place and the game room selected, you’re now ready to dive into the depths of All-Star Fishing, armed with knowledge and strategy. Let the adventure begin!

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Game Features of All-Star Fishing

There are multiple game features in All-Star Fishing, included Special Fish, Giant Octopus, Naga and so on. Let’s start exploring by checking out each of them below!

Special Weapon Shark Bite


Dive into the depths of excitement by utilizing the powerful Shark Bite. For a modest fee of 4 times your bet, this special weapon enhances your odds of catching elusive fish. The rewards, calculated through regular multipliers, amplify the thrill of the hunt.

Special Weapon Jellyfish Cannon


Amplify your strategy with the Jellyfish Cannon, available for a fee of 6 times your bet. Unleash this weapon to paralyze targeted fish species, adding a layer of tactical depth to your underwater exploits.

Special Weapon Eagle Claw Hook


For those seeking high-stakes action, the Eagle Claw Hook beckons at a cost of 15 times your bet. Not only does it increase your odds of catching fish, but it also introduces captivating events. 

Capture a fish with the Eagle Claw Hook, and you’ll be rewarded with a random bonus ranging from 99x to 999x, based on the fish’s star value. Moreover, this weapon heightens your chances of encountering the elusive Sea King.

Special Fish Evolution


Engage with special fish to unlock their evolutionary potential. Attacking special fish provides an opportunity for evolution, offering additional multipliers beyond the standard PayTable rewards. As special fish evolve, the multiplier increases, with level 3 special fish resetting to level 1 but offering a substantial 7x multiplier.

Crystal Crab & Jewel Turtle


Capture the Crystal Crab or Jewel Turtle to trigger an exciting slot machine gameplay feature. Achieve a multiplier on the slot machine, and immediately claim the corresponding bonus, reaching up to an enticing 888x. The slot machine is an additional avenue for players to enhance their winnings.

Giant Octopus Bonus Wheel


Confront the Giant Octopus for a chance to activate a special bonus wheel event. Spin the wheel and claim the marked bonus amount, with the potential for a maximum bonus of 600x. The Giant Octopus introduces an element of unpredictability and excitement to your underwater escapades.

Phoenix Fire Attackphbet-all-star-fishing-phoenix-phbet1

Take aim at the Phoenix to receive basic multiplier rewards and access a special mini-game to Awaken the Phoenix. Rapidly tap the screen during the mini-game to strengthen the Phoenix’s fire attack. The more taps, the higher the reward, reaching a maximum bonus of 800x.

Giant Crocodile Rage Meter


Challenge the Giant Crocodile, gaining basic multiplier rewards and access to a special mini-game to Enrage the Crocodile. Rapidly tap the screen to fill up the Rage meter, and if successful, enjoy a bonus of up to 1000x. The Giant Crocodile mini-game adds an adrenaline-pumping element to your fishing adventure.

Naga Electric Orb


Engage with the Naga to gain basic multiplier rewards and access a special mini-game. In this game, select one of two Electric Orbs, allowing the Naga to perform a full-map electric attack with the potential for a bonus of up to 1200x. The mini-game provides two chances to attack with the Electric Orb, introducing strategic decision-making to your underwater encounters.

Free Thunderbolt


Accumulate energy with each shot and unleash the Free Thunderbolt for a massive, large-range attack. The energy, accumulated proportionally to the bet, is cleared after discharge. 

Manage your energy wisely, and be aware that 24 hours after game disconnection or player departure, the energy bar resets, adding a strategic dimension to your All-Star Fishing experience.

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Tips to secure big win at All-Star Fishing

You can follow our simple 10 tips below to secure big win at All-Star Fishing, included Master the Mechanics, Strategic Weapon Deployment, Eyes on Special Fish, Navigate the Game Rooms and so on.

  1. Master the Mechanics

    • Understand the intricacies of target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustments. Refer to the “Understanding the Game Mechanics” section for a comprehensive guide.
  2. Strategic Weapon Deployment

    • Choose your weapons wisely. Opt for the Shark Bite for increased catch odds, the Jellyfish Cannon for strategic paralysis, and the powerful Eagle Claw Hook for capturing events and potential Sea King encounters.
  3. Eyes on Special Fish

    • Target Special Fish for a chance at evolution, boosting your rewards. Refer to the insights in the “Special Fish Evolution” section for details on their unique multipliers.
  4. Navigate the Game Rooms

    • Select your game room strategically. Start in the Newbie Room for a gentle introduction, progress to the Happy Room for increased challenges, and dare to venture into the high-stakes Regal Room for lucrative rewards.
  5. Embrace Mini-Games and Bonus Events

    • Engage with special mini-games and bonus events by attacking the Giant OctopusPhoenixGiant Crocodile, and Naga. Each encounter brings unique challenges and opportunities for substantial rewards.
  6. Slot Machine Mastery

    • Capture the Crystal Crab or Jewel Turtle to trigger the slot machine gameplay. Follow the guidelines from the “Crystal Crab & Jewel Turtle” section to optimize your chances of hitting the jackpot.
  7. Free Thunderbolt Tactical Use

    • Strategically accumulate energy for the Free Thunderbolt. Understand the nuances of energy conversion, discharge, and the 24-hour reset period as explained in the “Free Thunderbolt” section.
  8. Evolve Your Special Weapons

    • Regularly invest in the special weapons like Shark BiteJellyfish Cannon, and Eagle Claw Hook to enhance their effectiveness. Evolving your arsenal contributes to prolonged success in the game.
  9. Tap Mastery for Mini-Games

    • When engaging in mini-games with the PhoenixGiant Crocodile, and Naga, master the art of rapid tapping. Your tapping skills directly impact the rewards, so tap strategically for maximum bonuses.
  10. Diversify Your Strategy

    • Adapt your gameplay based on the fish species, special weapons available, and the room you’re in. A diverse strategy ensures versatility and success across various scenarios.

By incorporating these winning strategies into your All-Star Fishing gameplay, you’ll elevate your skills, increase your chances of success, and truly become a master of the deep-sea adventure.

Where to Play All-Star Fishing

We recommend you to play All-Star Fishing at Phbet CasinoFrom the enticing Newbie Room to the high-stakes Regal Room, Phbet Casino offers a variety of gaming spaces, accommodating players of all levels. 

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the depths, Phbet Casino provides the perfect backdrop for your All-Star Fishing endeavors. In summary, Phbet Casino emerges as the premier destination to play All-Star Fishing, blending a rich gaming environment with the excitement of underwater adventures. Immerse yourself in the action, test your skills, and chase the bountiful rewards that await at Phbet Casino.


In conclusion, All-Star Fishing transcends traditional gaming boundaries, offering an immersive and dynamic experience that captivates players of all skill levels. 

Whether you’re drawn to the strategic allure of special weapons, the excitement of bonus features, or the challenge of capturing mythical creatures, this game delivers an aquatic adventure like no other. 

With its engaging gameplay and enticing rewards, All-Star Fishing invites you to cast your line into the depths of excitement and emerge with a sense of accomplishment. Join the ranks of avid anglers and savor the thrill of the deep sea in every spin at All-Star Fishing.

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To play All-Star Fishing, familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, understand the interface, and choose your weapons wisely. Check the “How to Play All-Star Fishing” section for a detailed guide on placing bets, utilizing auto-shooting, and selecting game rooms.

All-Star Fishing features special weapons like the Shark Bite, Jellyfish Cannon, and Eagle Claw Hook. Each weapon comes with unique advantages, affecting your catch odds and introducing captivating events. Explore the “Game Features of All-Star Fishing” section for details on each weapon.

After understanding the game mechanics, navigate the waters of bets and paylines by selecting your bet amount and choosing the appropriate game room. The game offers different rooms with varying betting ranges, as explained in the “Placing Your Bet and Paylines” section.

All-Star Fishing provides various game rooms, including the Newbie Room, Happy Room, and Regal Room. Each room has different betting ranges, catering to players with varying preferences. Refer to the “Selecting the Game Room” section for more details.

Explore the diverse features of All-Star Fishing, including Special Fish Evolution, Crystal Crab & Jewel Turtle slot machine, Giant Octopus Bonus Wheel, Phoenix Fire Attack, Giant Crocodile Rage Meter, Naga Electric Orb, and Free Thunderbolt. Each feature adds excitement and rewards to your underwater adventure, detailed in the “Game Features of All-Star Fishing” section.

Follow the provided tips in the “Tips to secure big win at All-Star Fishing” section, covering aspects such as mastering game mechanics, strategic weapon deployment, targeting special fish, navigating game rooms, embracing mini-games, optimizing the slot machine, using Free Thunderbolt tactically, evolving special weapons, mastering tap skills, and diversifying your strategy.

For an optimal gaming experience, it’s recommended to play All-Star Fishing at Phbet Casino. The casino offers a variety of game rooms, catering to players of all levels. Check the “Where to Play All-Star Fishing” section for more details.

Phbet Casino provides a rich gaming environment with enticing rooms, accommodating both beginners and experienced players. The recommendation is based on the variety of gaming spaces offered, as outlined in the “Where to Play All-Star Fishing” section.

Engage with special fish to unlock their evolutionary potential, offering additional multipliers beyond the standard PayTable rewards. As special fish evolve, the multiplier increases, with level 3 special fish resetting to level 1 but providing a substantial 7x multiplier. Refer to the “Special Fish Evolution” section for more details.

Accumulate energy with each shot and unleash the Free Thunderbolt for a massive, large-range attack. Manage your energy wisely, considering the 24-hour reset period after game disconnection or player departure. Learn more about the Free Thunderbolt in the dedicated section under “Game Features of All-Star Fishing.”

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